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ESPN Showcase Sales Tool
ESPN Customer Marketing and Sales

ESPN Showcase was created to provide the ESPN Ad Sales Team web-based access to the extensive library of ESPN.com creative advertising executions. From standard IAB units to Overlays, Wallpaper, Video and Premium executions, ESPN.com lives on the bleeding edge of digital advertising technology. The site allows the Sales Team to sit back and let the ad executions

Visit www.showcase.espncms.com/

sell themselves. The ad animations display as fullscreen HTML5 videos and are tagged for easy location through a search and sort feature. My role on the Fusebox team included branding and design as well as lending insights into the user experience having dealt with the Sales Team over the course of a 6 year relationship.
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Work marked with an asterisk has been created without the permission of the brand or client. They are simply exercises meant to aid in the furtherment of an art direction career.